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Rally Conversions / Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: November 25, 2014, 05:06:46 pm »
Good morning 3Rrr, the kits have been under development to this stage for almost two years now and with the new series 2 we have made a number of improvements and streamlined our manufacturing techniques.
the kit we fitted to the bike comes in around 150 kilos, taking into account the original parts that get removed, with a fuel capacity of 30 litres, but that doesn't mean you have to ride the bike full of fuel all the time, the standard 12 litre tank quite often can be enough for day ride, and the benefit with the fuel tanks is if you put 12-15 litres in the bike all the weight is forward and low down near your feet.
The kits come complete, other than the pannier rack and rear carrier rack, which is a must in my opinion if your going to put a decent load on, as they add strength to the subframe/tank and are simply the best rack available for the 690 bar none and are designed to carry the load further forward centralising the weight for better handling.
The kit comes with all the wiring looms required to move the headlights the reserve sender the fuel pump and spare accessories power
Complete fairing and dash assembly
All mounting bracket for the fairing tanks and bash plate
Low exhaust and bracket
2 @ 9 litre fuel tanks complete with removable crash guards
Bash plate and navigation tower assembly complete.
The kits are a complete bolt on unit with no cutting or welding required or mechanical changes to the bike.
They are and will be available internationally early next year, we are fulfilling and order of 20 now for Australian customers.
The demand has been overwhelming to date and we are working around the clock to keep up with production, thus the lack of a web page.
If you have any questions please shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to answer any questions.
Thank you Darren

Rally Conversions / Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 29, 2014, 10:55:17 pm »
Ha ha Rusty, your telling me.
Market share mate is what I've been told, and BMW has it, 80% plus of the Adventure market, bet Mr KTM wished he gave "The Long Way Round" boys a couple of KTMs when they asked for them!
Adventure riding is snowballing globally thanks to the long way round and its such a pity so many guys that want to experience it think that they should be on a BMW, they are riding big heavy pigs without the same riding pleasure experienced on a more nimble bike, be that a DR650 or KTM 690.
Of course they carry everything plus the kitchen sink to make the bike even more unrideable, each to their own I spose.
Keep it light as possible I say, a swag, a change of jocks and socks, a quart cup and a camelback and a couple of cans of chunky stew and I'm set for adventure, the only time you need to head for a town is for fuel, **** and more cans of stew!!

Thanks mate

Rally Conversions / Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 29, 2014, 08:09:29 am »
Nah mate, haven't changed the gear set, although first does seem a bit tall for the technical riding.
Like so many of us, I got tired of waiting for KTM to build the 690 Adventurer, and went about building my own.
The kit is 100% bolt on, no welding or modifications to the original bike, fits 08 to 14 models, and from there the usual bolt on stuff is added like steering stabilisers, mufflers, grip warmers, GPS, power sockets, spot tracker, LED light bars and the list goes on to make an awesome adventure bike that can do it all.
I'm getting too old for lifting and man handling those big twins these days but still love my riding and this thing ticks the boxes for me.

Rally Conversions / Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:31:10 pm »
Gday Rockitboy, yeah I liked the sound of 700RR, lots of people have asked if the engine has been modified to justify the name, but no, its just the same as the 530 is a 505 the 640ADV is a 625 and the 660 Rally is a 654 and the 690 Rally is a 654 as well.
As far as handling better it sure does, as an adventure bike.
Having a bike that will carry 30litres of fuel and luggage and still handle well was the challenge and there is nothing on the market that comes close except for a genuine 690 Rally, and that is what the kit is based on.
I figured KTM Rally team must be doing something right in their engineering design and principles of weight distribution for the best handling bike in off road conditions.
My biggest challenge was re positioning the fuel pump from the rear tank into the front tank so the fuel system could gravity feed forward, but the benefit is also easy access on the side of the track, lay the bike over and 8 bolts later the fuel pump is out and no loss of fuel, a 5 minute job.
Opposed to accessing the pump in the rear tank which usually consists of removing pannier racks, exhaust, battery tray and then you lose most of your valuable fuel.
The kit adds about 12 kilos to the bike dry, from 138 kilos to 150 kilos, you are correct in assuming the suspension needing to be upgraded.
The test bike did about 20,000ks and there is about 40 odd kits circulating around Australia now, with a number of them doing Coast to Coast which is about 6500ks of some pretty hard conditions.
I better get back to my day job now, before I kick a kick in the arse.

Thanks Darren

Rally Conversions / Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 27, 2014, 05:21:24 pm »
Thanks Rusty for that, I've got a heap more images of the bike and components that I'll post when I get a chance.


Rally Conversions / Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 26, 2014, 06:15:47 pm »
Hi SDMF_Reaps, I changed the brackets over and it only shows crosses in boxes, I can build bikes but cant drive a computer to save my life.


Rally Conversions / HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 26, 2014, 03:19:50 am »
Gday Fellas, been lurking here for a while and have been waiting for someone to post up some Rally Conversion photo's. Well I suppose someone has gotta be first, so it might as well be me….

Attached are some images of a project I have been working on for a while call HARD kits made locally in Australia. It incorporates 2 nine litre fuel tanks, fairing and bash plate heavily designed off the genuine 690RFR factory rally bikes. The additional weight is low and forward which considerably improves the handling characteristics of the bike and I reckon they look pretty horn too.

Check it out and tell me what you think

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