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Re: Tubliss system
« Reply #30 on: August 25, 2015, 07:02:22 pm »
I very much like the concept of the tubliss system with stiff tires like a Dunlop 606 or 908.  I fear the day I have to change the tube in a 606 on a cold, wet day - when that tire is frozen stiff and friggin' fights back......but I want to know what the risks are before I put my wife on this system and her 690.

Does anyone know why the Tubliss folks don't want people using their product with wider inner wheel widths?  Has to be the wider flat section the spokes lace into that is causing their problems.

What do they believe is the danger??  What happens between or in the wheel-tire-tubliss interface that could be dangerous?  I don't know tires enough to even know what I don't know.  Any tire guru's out here?

I'm sorry to ask this same question in several different posts in this thread - but while it seems to work for some guys with moderate miles under their belt - why are these guys at Tubliss turning down cash and not selling the system to us with their blessing?  There has got to be something that scares them from a liability standpoint.