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Suspension mods or replacement
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:44:44 am »
I've been interested to read both the kudos and complaints from 690 owners about their suspension. As with every bike some like it, some don't.

Personally for my riding style, plus the type of terrain that I frequent, the stock suspension was never going to cut it. As such I ended up changing my forks for a set of closed cartridge forks from a 2012 SXF. These, with a heavier spring and heavy weight oil (for the extra weight of the beast) work pretty well. The shim stack was played with by Factory Connection and the work well in soaking up the trail junk and big whoops at speed. Although I might ship it to Chads Off-road Set Ups over here as the get huge wraps from the Dakar boys. He can work his magic for a very good price.

The rear I didn't bother playing with. I just replaced it with an Ohlins unit. Again, it's nice but  I have to play with it a little as I'm bottoming out a bit too often smashing thru long sections of very deep whoops.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has rebuilt or replaced the suspenders, and if so what they have done.

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Re: Suspension mods or replacement
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 02:52:53 pm »

Hey Guymcfly, how is your suspension work going and which Ohlins did you end up with? I think it's time for some work myself and I was looking at the Ohlins shocks and trying to find a suspension whisperer to set it all up.

I was also wondering if anybody had an opinion on whether it would be bad/good to get the longer shock but leave the forks at stock travel. Front seems like it will be fine with some work but the longer rear travel would be excellent in the desert and whoops or when hauling some luggage.
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Re: Suspension mods or replacement
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2015, 08:53:29 am »
It's all Very Good!.... ;D

If you order an Ohlins unit...or any decent shock upgrade, the company making the shock should ask you questions about your bike (naturally), your weight, geared up. Type of riding; how much on/off road the percentages run too. Type of off-road...desert, enduro, mx, trail etc ...single or two up etc...easy for me as I pretty much only go on tar maybe 5 miles a ride.
If I remember I told them it was a 690 mx bike! Not sure the humor translated quite right tho. I did get an extra 10mm of stroke built into the shock for the fact it's only really used in rough terrain and wanted a little extra stroke.

They should then tailor the spring rate and valving to suit. Short of bolting it on the bike, checking the sag, away you go! But I'd suggest a re check of sag rates about 6-12 months down the track, depending on how much riding you, once the initial settling happens. I cranked the spring down a bit as it was bottoming a bit too much.
I run the shock pretty hard...a friend said he needed a hip replacement after trying my bike over big whoops. I like the back tire to act like a 4wd over rough stuff and I soak up the bumps with legs a lot.

I have to say, I like the look of the Tractive shock, but they know how to charge for it. I don't have a clue what the unit rides like either.

With my forks...a little different because I bought a set off a 350 SXF. With the extra pounds on the 690, I got some heavier springs, I think 52's and also went with a heavy weight oil. I was very lucky because the forks I got had already been re valved by factory connection. It was all set pretty nicely for me. I changed the oil out and set everything right to mids on settings. Because they have a longer stroke (300 mm forks instead off 275 mm) I dropped them 15-16 mm thru the clamps. I also changed the clamp to 22 mm offset so had to go back and recheck everything yet again! :o

After some riding with them I made those minor hi speed adjustments and clicker changes we all do. It's nice and plush, and doesn't deflect off trail junk and soaks up the crap nicely.  Again, I think new springs take a little to get to a sweet spot in terms of action. A little harsh when new.

I'm happy with it for sure. The bike rides fast, straight and steers good. I ran the bike around some tight single track and an mx track as well last weekend. It's a lot of bike, and I can't push it like a 2 stroke but it does it all really pretty well. And I'm well over servicing my bikes every 8 hours or so!