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Re: Colorado 2014 trip
« on: August 18, 2014, 02:52:18 am »
So, now it's Monday and the 690 actually got unloaded. It's time for riding!

My SO and I hopped on the 690 in Lake City and rode over Slumgullion pass before stopping at North Clear Creek Falls.

We went of from there to above the Rio Grande Reservoir again, to meet up with the family and go fishing a little before we set out on the trails. Here is a photo my aunt took of us gearing up to do some fishing.

Got the girlfriend fishing:

My dad and little brother caught some nice ones:

After a while of fishing, it was time to swap our apparel of choice to the dirt bike oriented type, and hit the trails!

We started up from our parking area above the Reservoir, and headed up Stoney Pass until we got to Kite Lake. Here is a photo from a stop on the way:

And a group shot:

From left to right: My younger brother, my dad, me, my g/f, my uncle, and my aunt is the one taking the shot.

Not too long after these photos was the river crossing in my video. My aunt and uncle weren't feeling up to possibly taking a cold bath, so dad, younger brother, and I (with g/f riding pillion) headed on up to kite lake. Here are the photos from that portion of the ride:

From there, we headed back down to the parking area, and back to Lake City. We were trying to beat the darkness in getting off of the jeep trails, at least, so no more photos were taken. With that, I actually am going to head to bed now. No worries though! I have much more coming. Cinnamon pass, Engineer, Animas Forks, Piedra falls, etc. Stay tuned!

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