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Serres Rally 23-29- August 2015
« on: October 16, 2014, 04:13:17 am »

I would like to inform that this yearís Serres Rally was a massive success.

Some of the names that have attended our race are Pedro Bianchi Prata, Robert Van Pelt, Andrea Cosentino, Filippo Ciotti, Jordi Viladoms, Frans Vehoeven, Simon Pavey and many more.

Serres Rally 2014, -the biggest Rally ever held in Greece- was organized by the Auto Moto Club of Serres and the Off Road Team. It was a ębona fideĽ Rally Raid event which was held in Northern Greece and is part of the UEM calendar, making it an official event of the European Championship Cross Country Rally Raid.
Planning for the Serres Rally 2015 has already begun. New dates are finalized, so the 5th edition of Serres Rally has been scheduled for August 23-29, giving everyone the possibility to combine the race with family for the perfect holiday in Serres and the Elpida Resort!.

Serres Rally 2015 will be staged over 7 days of hard and enduring mountain trails, covering 1700km off road kilometers, 1350 of them in 12 Special Stages, crossing 13 stunning mountains, back drops, slops, rivers, hard scrap roads, fast flat tracks, verdurous grasslands, mud, sand and stone trails, with the deep forest screening the route and old military ruins, 5 prefectures and 4 big amazing cities, which compile the perfect Rally Raid scenery.

Serres Rally is not only for Enduro lovers, there is also a category for off-road vehicles. The categories are as follows:
MOTOBIKES: A: Motorcycles under 250 cc four stroke and under 125 cc two stroke.B: Motorcycles from 250 cc to 450 cc four stroke and over 125 cc two stroke. C: Motorcycles over 450 cc four stroke. D: Quads.

CLASSES: W: Women C2: > 600 cc C3: Big Enduro | Twin Cylinder V: Veterans (over 50 | born before1965) D2: ATV D3: Buggy.
CARS: Z1: Open Class 4x4 homologated or production cars, FIA or FMNR security standards.

There is also a Rally Lite category (for Motorcycles over 450 cc four stroke, Quads, ATVís, Buggies and UTV, Z2: Normal Class 4x4 homologated or production cars. Z3: Entry Level Class for production cars, and for beginner crews.) which will cover 2/3 of each stage of the day avoiding the most difficult part of each stage and will not require racing license. Also I would like to mention there is a Rally Adventure Tour for motorbikes over 450cc four stroke, Quads, ATVís, Buggies, UTVís and Cars.

At webpage you will find all essential information for the race, maps, video, photos from race, routes and tourist information about Serres prefecture. The race center and bivouac will be based at the Elpida Hotel Resort, providing a variety of facilities.

If you need any additional information or questions you would like to know about the Serres Rally 2015, please feel free to contact me via email or skype (spiroskal90).

It would be great to hear from you.

Spiro Kaladelfos

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Re: Serres Rally 23-29- August 2015
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2015, 07:45:34 am »
Thatís for sure.

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Re: Serres Rally 23-29- August 2015
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2015, 08:42:12 am »
It sounds awesome. I wish I had the time/money!
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