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Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 30, 2014, 02:58:24 am »
[quote Nah mate, haven't changed the gear set, although first does seem a bit tall for the technical riding.[/quote]

I don't find the 15/45 too tall even for really gnarly stuff. The bike has enough grunt to lug itself out of anything with a little clutch and throttle control. As a buddy of mine is often saying, "if it's to tall for tight single and moonscape, you ain't riding fast enough!"
I mean more for the highway sections which inevitably arise when one starts adventure riding as opposed to trail riding. I find 6th just to low to even consider using this bike as an adv beast. I don't think Ktm meant it to be adv'd with its trans spread.
As too whether they were ever going to release a proper adv version, I have my doubts. I think the brand never sold enough of the 640 (in global terms) to warrant going that way again. I really think they decided to stick with what they do best, enduro, mx, and rallye machines with a nod to street machines, mostly for the Euro market.