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Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 30, 2014, 12:11:41 am »
Hey all, was on the phone to Winna last night and he asked me to stick up a post or two as an owner of this kit to give my feedback.
As the previous owner of an 07 640adv with a few mods, I was looking for something newer to get around on. the old girl was good, but clunky, fat, and old school, which isnt always a bad thing I guess..
I had eyed off rally raid UK kits for a while, and also looked closely at a few other options before the HARD kit appeared online and in a few local magazines, and I was won. What really swayed my decision was the fuel capacity, where its carried, and it being a local producer.
A clean 690r was sourced from a mate who upgraded, and the kit purchased from Winna- what really impressed me was the ease of fitment and quality of parts. The most fiddly bit was battery and electrical removal to access the fuel pump and sender etc from the rear tank, to be relocated to the front RH tank.
Everything else was a bolt on, or plug in.
Note this is the 'series 1' kit that was first released..... the later one (in Winna's pic above) has had some relatively minor changes and upgrades.
After some 5000+ km's now I have had zero issues- nothing rubs, nothing has broken, nothing has moved.
What I started with: an '09, but with '12 suspension, Wings muffler, heated grips, '12 plastic

After the conversion, which took around 16 hours all up at my own plodding pace

In answer to some of the questions above:
The panniers are made by Winna's associate, Craig Hartley of Dalby Moto in Queensland..... compared to almost every other set of pannier frames, they carry the weight further forward and lower, which is good for weight distribution and to get the stress off the rear tank. The frames connect to both upper and lower rear peg mounts too for strength.
Ive added a white front guard as I liked that look. A personal thing. In a similar manner, 1 1/4" bar risers and Pastrana bend Pro tapers feel a lot better, esp when standing.
I added a 6" Aurora lightbar for better offroad vision- that said, the 2 x Hella Projecta lights with the kit are about a 100% improvement over the stock KTM lamp.
In terms of suspension, the front forks were revalved as stock I found they were really harsh over smaller stuff, in the initial movement of the stroke. I added 6.0 WP springs, and the rear was left unchanged but with a 220 /90 spring. I weigh about 200lbs- say 215 with all my gear and this set up nails it. Motor unchanged, but Ive recently put a Evo airbox lid on and a Unifilter for better breathing.
It shows great balance... I love this thing in sand, even with panniers loaded. Fuel range is around 550kms / 350 miles.
Compared to a 'stock' 690r, the forward and low fuel load means it climbs hills far easier, with the front sticking to the ground.
The only negative I found is i cooked my KTM Rally pants on the exhaust trying to hook the sidestand down with my foot- will weld a loop onto the stand for easier access, and the pants have been patched with suede leather on the inner calf area.

Any further questions, ask away.