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Re: HARD kit 700RR
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:31:10 pm »
Gday Rockitboy, yeah I liked the sound of 700RR, lots of people have asked if the engine has been modified to justify the name, but no, its just the same as the 530 is a 505 the 640ADV is a 625 and the 660 Rally is a 654 and the 690 Rally is a 654 as well.
As far as handling better it sure does, as an adventure bike.
Having a bike that will carry 30litres of fuel and luggage and still handle well was the challenge and there is nothing on the market that comes close except for a genuine 690 Rally, and that is what the kit is based on.
I figured KTM Rally team must be doing something right in their engineering design and principles of weight distribution for the best handling bike in off road conditions.
My biggest challenge was re positioning the fuel pump from the rear tank into the front tank so the fuel system could gravity feed forward, but the benefit is also easy access on the side of the track, lay the bike over and 8 bolts later the fuel pump is out and no loss of fuel, a 5 minute job.
Opposed to accessing the pump in the rear tank which usually consists of removing pannier racks, exhaust, battery tray and then you lose most of your valuable fuel.
The kit adds about 12 kilos to the bike dry, from 138 kilos to 150 kilos, you are correct in assuming the suspension needing to be upgraded.
The test bike did about 20,000ks and there is about 40 odd kits circulating around Australia now, with a number of them doing Coast to Coast which is about 6500ks of some pretty hard conditions.
I better get back to my day job now, before I kick a kick in the arse.

Thanks Darren