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Pawnee Plate for Rotopax
« on: April 14, 2014, 11:28:20 pm »
Hey all,

As part of today's install-a-thon, I also affixed my Pawnee Plate (by Wolfman) to my Touratech Side Racks.  The installation was straightforward.  If I was a welder I could easily have crafted brackets that would have accomplished the same thing, but I'm not.

My Rotopax is a 1.75 gallon.  If you stand it on the opposing corner from the cap, you can actually fit a full 2 gallons in it.  It's a tad larger than the 1 gallon, but empty it weighs a negligible amount less than the 1.75 (2) gallon tank.  I can always carry less gas if I want a lighter load, but at least I have the option to carry more if I need it.  Five gallons of gas gives me a safe range of 200 miles and an actual range closer to 250.  I've never needed more than 200. 

I've used Rotopax in the past and I swear by them.  Practically indestructible and leak free (even vapor--so be sure to burp them occasionally on hot days).

I have the option to mount the Rotopax in a vertical or horizontal position.  I'm not sure which position is stronger.  Opinions?
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