Author Topic: 10w60 Oil Alternatives  (Read 4932 times)


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Re: 10w60 Oil Alternatives
« Reply #15 on: December 08, 2014, 03:56:19 am »
Motorex 10w50 is listed in the manual as an alternative engine oil for the 690 and is about $15 cheaper than 10w60 per 4 liters. Its used in cooler climates and is recommended by KTM. While the bike is under warranty I will use Motorex so if there were to be an engine issue KTM cant use the oil as an excuse.. After warranty I plan on running Rotella. Thats good oil you guys & tons of people use it in their bikes. Its made for diesels & has very little moly in it. (Moly is suppose to be bad for your wet clutch) Get a gallon for about $21.74 at Walmart. Whatever oil you use, change it at about 2500 miles & keep it topped off in between and you will have a happy engine.
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