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Re: Reactions to the 14 690 so far
« on: April 01, 2015, 08:51:59 am »
I tend to agree with Colarado Rider, I don't think the 690 makes a decent adventure bike. I know a lot of people who do it, but it was built to be a big thumper.

Re Rusty's comment, not sure I really agree on the dual sport side of it. I hear what your saying, that you can use it for longer runs to get to the dirt, but for me, any dual sport bike does one thing well and another thing not very well. And by that I mean not very well to the point of 'why the hell be bothered'. If the bike is in proper enduro mode, it's crap on the tar, and vice versa.  The 690 is a great platform for 3 modes...street, sm, enduro. But when set up accordingly, it's good for 1 role. And that why the motor is offered in 3 frames etc.
Still, I know what you mean Rusty, and respect your POV.

True story....
Way back, my older brother had a bike known as The Razorback. It was a late 70's gsx1100 with 19' wheels and knobbies and longer forks/shocks. He used to ride this heap of **** monster in enduro's, I kid you not!
And he used to get around as well, although it once took 6 riders to drag it out of a mud hole.
But like I say, it could do it, but wtf bother!

Still each to their own, we buy our bikes, we choose to decide what to do with them. Happy riding to all.