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Story-Time / 2,000 mile trip in Utah
« on: May 21, 2014, 05:30:17 am »
Here is a link to my first real ride on the 690.
I was carrying camping and cooking gear.
The bike was flawless and I've got my suspension adjusted finally to suit me.
I road with friends "Dingweeds" "Dr. Rock" and "Francine" on that ride.

Suspension / Re: Setting Sag and Adjusting Ride
« on: March 31, 2014, 02:07:55 pm »
Boy---I am really struggling with the suspension.

Sport settings--------way way way too harsh.

Regular settings-------way way to harsh.

Soft settings-------way to harsh.

Over a 2 day ride the bike literally beat me into submission on the soft setting. My lowly WR250R is perfect in the rocks I was riding in and is
rock stable while the suspension moves up and down and the frame stays still.
Riding on a flat river levee with a fresh spread of 2" rocks The bike was skittering around so much I just knew I was going to bite it.
My riding buddy behind me couldn't hardly watch.

I'm so dumb with suspension settings-----I just need to work with it some more I'm sure.


Otherwise the bike was awesome in most stuff------I'll never use full throttle--but it's there.

Sweet Mods and Accessories / Re: BigDogs Mods
« on: March 28, 2014, 11:37:42 am »
I've had more parts come in---so have did a few more things.
Tightened my shifter bolt too  ;D

I had never had any HDB (Highway Dirt Bike) handguards but always wanted a set because they looked
real beefy and had a neat top handlebar clamp that they attach too and it also has places to put swithches
and lites---and power plugs.

There was a good size tap in the kit and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was for ???
There were no instuctions (not that I would have read them anyway)------but I figured it out.
How clever is this??? Is this what I was suppose to do ? Or was that tap for the engine block of
as 53 Chevy ???

But as you can see----after tapping--you insert the insert and that is what your handguards bolt in to----nice !!!!

Top Clamp----the handguards bolt to the front and you have all kinds of holes for---------stuff.
I just have one rubber water proof switch in there which I bought from HDB and it will turn my heated grips on.
I wired them into an unused circuit behind the headlight (fuse #8) that was only hot when the ignition was on.

Next I installed some Mondo Moto auxilliary lights----I made a short bracket and mounted them to the same bracket
the turn signals were mounted to. This worked out great and was really easy and quick.
I slottled the bracket on the bottom so it would slide behind the nut that holds the turn signal on without disconnecting the turn signal wire.
These are awesome and make you very visible---and make daylight out of dark at night.
And in broad daylight they do not bother oncoming traffic---but they will see you.
At night you have to turn them off to oncoming traffic------they are many times brighter than the headlight
and draw very few watts--way less than the stock low beam.

I wanted the switch to contro the Modo Moto LED lites very handy---for riding in traffic.
I almost mounted that switch on the HDB handlebar clamp--that would have been very un-handy.

This may or may not be the permanent place I put my gps.
You can't see it in the picture---but I found and old tubing mount I made for my old KTM520 and
it's bolted to the HDM top clamp using the lower two bolts.
I can mount my 276C or 60CSX gps to this mount.

I'll probably put a set of Double Take Mirrors on this bike---I have an extra set.

My luggage is in the works----I just stuck this Wolfman "Tailpeak" bag on here for a day ride.
Fits great--------but is over the gas cap of couse and will have to be removed to fill up.

Luggage ???
I'm a huge fan of Wolfman products and have 2 pairs of expedition saddlebags that I'll eventually mount one of them on this bike.
Wolfman use to make expedition racks for this bike---or I should say he had someone make them and he is no longer doing that.
But.............I called him and he is just selling off all his parts and he sold me everything I need to mount my expeditions to this bike.
It was the last he had---no use hollering at him for another---it's all he had.
I will have to just do the welding and painting---but I was tickled to death to get these parts.
I haven't got these parts yet---so it will be awhile before I get that done.
But at least I can ride the thing now.


Sweet Mods and Accessories / BigDogs Mods
« on: March 25, 2014, 12:28:18 pm »
First off---want to give a big thanks for the person getting this going on here---it's going to be a great place.

I'm just kind of getting started with my new bike.
And started a page on my website that will always be at the following link---it's a work in progress right now

But so far here it goes.

I always put a steering damper on any bike I own.
I sure saved a lot of money here as I already had the damper that I had taken off my 520 KTM EXC when I sold it and
the sub mount off of it even fit---------so all I need is the tower part--which I've gotten order and is not in this picture.

This is exactly the same (almost) as my old 950 KTM----there are 2 unused circuits ----ACC1 and ACC2 which can be tapped in for electrical goodies.
One is hot all the time and will power my gps---the other is only hot when you tuen on the ignition and it will power my heated grips and my Mondo Moto LED lites.
Here you can see I have alread tied into the two circuits and made it nice and tidy with heat shrink tube.

These circuits have their own fuse and are numbers 7 & 8 in the fuse box. I've pulled both fuses (right where my finger is pointing) while I was doing the wiring.

This plug and wire goes straight to the battery---with a fuse of course at the battery.
This will power my heated clothing and my chargeable stuff I carry ---such as my cellphone.
I'll also use it to charge the battery if I need to-----I've have these plugs on all my bikes and an adaptor made up for my battery charger.

I only use "Hot Grip" brand heated grips------I don't like any of the others.
I love the fact that the grip is much, much fatter and you just wouldn't believe how much easier it is to grip the bars with a fatter grip.
Cuts down on fatique on a long ride just as a steering damper does.

More stuff later as parts come in.


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