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690 Pics / A couple new 690's in the family
« on: January 25, 2018, 12:21:39 am »
So stoked to get to ride these this coming season with my dad!  His is the '14 and mine is the '08.  Cannot wait for the snow to melt!

Selling this set of adventure wheels for my 690.  They were custom built with KTM Hubs by Buchanan's USA. 

They do not come with the rotors and do not come with a sprocket carrier.  The rear hub is a cush drive.

Front is a 2.75 x 19 with a near new Michelin Anakee III
Rear is a 4.25 x 17 with a near new Michelin Anakee III

The wheels are in excellent shape.  Asking $1100 shipped.

Selling to fund my 690 adventure build!


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