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690 Discussion / Help needed....PLEASE !!
« on: February 16, 2017, 01:07:27 pm »
Ok.. Changed out my fuel filter and fuel pump for a Cycleworks one and replacement filter and now nothing the bloody bike just won't start... I've had the injector out and it's showing a fine spray of fuel , plug  out and it's sparking , air filter is new K&N so that's good as well. I figure as the injector is getting fuel that the hoses "must" be OK and as the fuels being delivered ? Filter going the right way etc , hoses seem to have gone in OK as like I said I have fuel at the injector ..... How much fuel should I be getting any videos to show ?

SO my plea for help is this .... WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG ...This was meant to be a five minute job and i'm now on day three and trying my hardest not to throw a match at the thing and set it off in flames .... Talk about breaking your balls !! >:(

Bikes a 2012 690 enduro r  ...

For Sale / Wanted / longer travel rear shock wanted
« on: December 27, 2016, 12:10:41 pm »
Am after a sub 2011 ktm 690 enduro r rear shock , basically the one which is 275mm travel and not the2012 250mm travel one .....My bikes the 2012 one but have fitted 300mm travel exc forks so wanting too upgrade the back end ...

Like trying too find the holy grail

Introductions / Re: Advice needed .....Please ...
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:00:02 pm »
OK many thanks for the reply , can I ask do you guys use rim locks as well and if so which ones and where do I get some .....

I'll be honest and say I've really only ever managed to change the front tyre by myselfp as of yet so my plan is to NOT have a puncture and if I do too ride the tyre off the rim till I get too safety !!!  ;D

Introductions / Advice needed .....Please ...
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:50:30 am »
Firstly just want too say Hello from deepest darkest Cornwall ..... UK just incase you're unsure where that is !!??  ???
I've had my 690 Enduro for about three years and absolutely love it , it really is a do anything bike and get's even better when you get supermoto wheels for it and use it during the summer to scare the bigger sports bikes in the corners. I've mainly always ridden road until I sold up and bought the 690 , lost too many friends on the road to crashes and as i'm not getting any younger ( and after being told by the boss ..misses ...what ever she's called :o ) I thought I found something that would "slow" me down a bit ....
Anyway enough of that as i'm here after some good advice hopefully from you 690 gods ?
Now i'm by no way near a superstar when it comes to riding this thing but I've entered this thing called the Illyria raid 2017 rally ............... ...... and want too know whether you would advise doing this on mousses or HD inner tubes ? I use HD inners all the time and have to admit since using them have never had a puncture.....kiss off death saying that now :'( ...... but as it's a lot of riding over a straight 7 days i'm not too sure if I should risk it and pay the money instead to fit mousses ? I'm not too sure how long mousses last , especially on a beast like the 690 , and I have been advised by the organisers to use them although I think this mainly down to them having too pick up the pieces as we go along. 

Second question would be IF it's inners what would be the best tyre for them ? I keep hearing something with a stronger side wall would also help protect the Inner even more but unsure as too what make and what tyre I should be looking for ?
Last and by no mean least as this is the first time I've ever done anything like this anything else you guys think I should be thinking about ....Spares , etc etc .

Any help would really be appreciated  .....

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