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690 Discussion / Re: Burning oil?
« on: August 18, 2015, 01:57:10 pm »
You know, I too noticed significant oil usage after the first oil change.  I stuck with the 10-60 expensive stuff and kept an eye on it.  But now at around 5k miles I don't seem to being having much of a problem with it.  Oh, sure it burns a little, but its not raising warning flags like it did after that first oil change.  Good info guys.  Thx.

690 Discussion / The Quest for the Best Dual-Sport Tires
« on: August 14, 2015, 12:23:56 pm »
I had an experience yesterday morning that confirmed a suspicion of mine about my dual sport tires, and I thought it would be worth bringing up to you guys.  I ride mostly on the street.  But when I go off-road I want respectable performance.  When I got my 690 last year I researched it and locked in on the timeless K-60 scout tires.  And I'm firmly convinced this is the way to go for my purposes.  So here's some information about this tire design that actually dates back to WW2.

The K-60 is currently made by at least two manufactures and they look basically identical.  Heidenau makes two different rear tire versions: A cheesy looking 70/30 (street) tire and a true 50/50 dual-sport tire.  The latter is the tire set I went with, and I went with Heidenau for two reasons.  (1) Heidenau has established an almost cult following over the quality of their tires.  (2) The Heidenau version was rated for 12000 miles while the Mefo version is rated for 9000 miles.  It was a win-win or so I thought.  But let me explain something that will put what I have to say about these tires in context.

I run a 16-tooth front sprocket instead of a 15-tooth.  That means I top out at 115mph while you 15t guys get about 105mph.  But you can climb up on sh-tuff and laugh at me bogging down in the mud with the crud.  That's how it is.  Going 16t is basically tossing first gear and adding a new 6th gear that's particularly sweet when you hit 80mph or so.  I digress.

So yesterday morning, as I merged over onto the highway leading to work, I had a slow vehicle just in front of me.  I moved over to the left lane and did what I always do in these situations.  I level the bike in the new lane, and then I put the hammer down which means go varoom in KTM talk.  Always level the bike in case the front starts coming up when you hit it.  Engine was all to happy to comply, but at about 58mph when I engaged the warp drive, the rear tire slipped nearly a quarter-spin.  Now I had previously reported on this site that it had only happened once in cold weather, but this is new and different.  It was high humidity and there probably was a slight amount of dew on the road.  But I now question the wisdom of my selection and here's why:

The Mefo K-60 may only be rated for 9k miles, but that means its using a softer compound that probably would not have slipped on this bike under these conditions.  Okay, I see it now.  I ducked up.  I have to have instantaneous acceleration without compromise.  Its just the kind of guy I am.  I was looking for one of those spooky surreal experiences that only you guys can understand where in a matter of mili-seconds all the cars around you disappear into the rearview.  You know, a standard warp jump.  I gotta have it every time on a dime man.  But this wonderful Heidenau tire that would be perfect for any 650 hiccups on the supreme 690.  'New Tire Inbound on your pod Bartlioni!' 

I'm sure you understand,

690 Discussion / Re: 2014 690 Front Brakes
« on: August 04, 2015, 01:00:44 pm »
Just thought I'd mention that there's a dongle that plugs into your instrument cluster that disables ABS even if you power off and back on.  Works for 2014.  Don't know about 2015.  Personally, I'll pull the three fuses if I go for a serious dirt ride, but the dongle is an option worth mentioning.  Later.

690 Discussion / Re: One Year Later......
« on: June 26, 2015, 08:07:23 pm »
I got 1500 miles out of my knobbies before I turned them in.  The rear was over halfway gone.  I did the research and found that the K60 is produced by a couple of different manufacturers.  But the Heidenau lasts a full three thousand miles longer than the competition.  (12k versus 9k).  Now I will say that on cold pavement, (45 degrees or less) that the Heidenau will slip a little while raising up the front wheel on a power wheelie.  I assume the softer compounds will be a bit more forgiving.  So we must all reach down within ourselves to our inner child, and ask if this actually makes a duck.  Oh, and I couldn't help but notice that you and I live in the same town.  I hope Bill got you out the door a couple of hours or so quicker than he did me.  But he is a friend of mine and so I must look the other way in these matters.  But I did tell him I would bring a sleeping bag next time we do a bike deal. The boys tell me the last 2015 690 ER was gone in ten minutes flat.  Was that you?  Et Tu Bud?  Get some decent tires, and then let's go rock.  And don't forget to let the Midway boys do the initial servicing.  They're slow but they are very very good.  I swear by these guys.  I had to break it to Bill yesterday that it will be another year before I come to get an 1190 Adventure.  He kept a stiff upper lip but I could see he was hurt.  Bwaaaaaaa.

690 Discussion / One Year Later......
« on: June 25, 2015, 07:30:52 pm »
Yes Gents,

The sour kraut still continues to terrorize one year later on my beloved 2014 Enduro R.  I would love to say my demeanor has improved, but why would I bother to post this just to spread fictitious rumors and offer false hope?  But I have learned a few things having put a whole lousy 5k miles on my 690 now over the last year.  Its had three oil changes including one I gib it today.  The oil screens were clean man.  I mean use-it-for-a-dinner-plate clean.

I lavish my favorite bike with all the pampering I can give it right up until I roll on the throttle. And then I unleash an unholy legion of badness that keeps me laughing maniacally, and keeps those civilians out there saying "Goooooow-Leeeee."  For those who may not remember, I am running one tooth over on the front sprocket and I have determined the mighty 690 can do 115mph in this configuration.  I run Heidenau K60 scout tires (the 50/50 rear....not that cheesy 70/30)  So here's what I've learned.

1.  The 690 achieves humballa in terms of comfort and performance after around 3k miles.  I use the vibration damping handlebar clamps and a Seat Concepts seat and I'm a happy man.  I also dropped mine an inch and a half on the back with a Koubalink and lowered the front .75 inches.  Much more stable with this geometry, and I no longer felt the need for a steering damper since I did that.  I'm good for 200 mile stretches with this configuration before I have to pull over for a beer.

2.  Pay attention to the manual when you give your bike an oil change.  Clean the bolts and flanges carefully.  Torque the bolts exactly as described in the manual.  After I gave mine 'oil change number two', I had a slight oil leak (a few drops after a ride) that I deemed insignificant and ignored until I gib it oil change three today.  What I learned is that if you over-torque the screen and oil drain plugs then the flanges will not seat properly and a minor oil leak will be the result.  11fp on the drain plug and screen covers.  4.5 or so on the filter covers.  The filter covers are much less critical, but the screen and drain plugs are important.  Don't strip your filter cover bolts out.  You will feel pain if you do.  Five fp or so is fine.  But don't go over ten be my reckoning on the matter.  (and No I didn't strip mine.  Its just a bad feeling like when you're to close to a cliff to be doing the funky chicken)

3.  I typically put 100 miles on my 690 for every mile I put on my Harley.  Or sure, there are full uniform events I attend where I have to take the Harley, but my KTM is light, graceful, and blisteringly fast.  Besides, chicks are starting to wake  up to the advantages of what I consider to be the "Barracuda" of motorcycles.  The ones who understand what this bike really is routinely yell, jump up and down, and wave where as Harley chicks continue to be aloof as I'm just another hard something on a Harley to them. 

So in summary, configure your bike for your specific needs.  Watch the torque on those plugs.  And pull over for chicks who yell and jump up and down when you pass by.  Those are the girls you could proudly introduce to mamma.  And always listen carefully to Rusty Shovel when he's trying to 'splain things to ya'.  He taught me everything I know.

Be Well,


P.s.  Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

690 Discussion / Re: 2nd and 3rd Gear Restriction Mod
« on: December 03, 2014, 06:26:11 pm »
Is  this power restriction still an issue with later model bikes, say my 2014?


GPS and Navigation / Re: GPS for the 690
« on: November 20, 2014, 06:50:35 pm »
Be well and enjoy the greatest bike of all time.  I've owned ten different bikes and currently own a Harley softail Deluxe that just sits in the garage because I can't stay off my 690e.

GPS and Navigation / Re: GPS for the 690
« on: November 20, 2014, 06:10:16 pm »
No.  Right behind your headlight you will find two labeled wires called accessory one and accessory two.  You want to wire into accessory two so that your unit turns on and off with your bike. 

For Sale / Wanted / Re: Buyer / Seller Beware
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:01:52 pm »
Thanks Rusty.  I hope none of our friends has gotten taken.  I highly recommend Paypal as a medium for a transaction as paypal will arbitrate a dispute when a product doesn't show up or isn't as described.  Saved my bacon a couple of times.

For Sale / Wanted / Re: Seat cover
« on: October 30, 2014, 07:58:21 pm »
I can highly recommend the Seat Concepts seat kit to you.  It will cost you $185 bucks but your ass will thank you for many years to come.  Enjoy.

Dude.  You are insulted my meager sense of self-worth and limited intelligence.  Snicker snicker.  One lousy ticket?  A lousy $137 smucks?  For real?  From your well understood comments I can determine theeeese points threeeee:

1.  You failed to remember how to smell bacon (cop) in all situations pursuant to achieving Hum-Balla on a 690e.  (That's alright mate.  Happens to everybody sooner or later)  But not smelling the bacon could lead to not smelling the cheese when one of those cheese dxxks pulls out in front of you.  Let's watch this carefully.  From every ticket comes a learning opportunity.  Not to slow down mind you now Mickey; but be more careful about who's up there in front of you.  What could I have done differently in order to keep from getting caught?  Nuff said.

2.  You weren't really going for the gusto at the time you got popped.  If you had been giving it up for the duck then that ticket would have run at least $500 and could have given you a guest spot cameo appearance on the 6 o-clock news.  We would have been impressed.  Never admit to the brotherhood you got popped for a lousy $137 again.  That sounds like  you got caught scratching your ass in a public parking lot or something to a simple feller like me.  Try harder next time, but don't get caught.  Always remember these sage words of wisdom I learned at me little mum's knee:

"Now son, I want you to remember this:  There's any excuse in this life for any mischief you might pull as long as you ain't hurting' nobody.  But there's NEVER a good excuse for getting caught."  (Uuuuuh.  Yes'um)  Words to live by.

3.  The 690e has unlocked your true inner hooligan.  Rejoice Brother!  Do you find yourself laughing maniacally when you ride?  Do you smirk at those guys you see on their Harley in contemplation of having achieved a higher plane of existence?  How many miles have you put on your harley since our last discussion?  (Hint - zero on mine.  Nuther 300 or so miles on the 690e)  But the price of superior hooliganship is greater attention to bacon and cheese.  I never worried too much about bacon on my Harley although cheese remains a constant consideration.  But bacon has risen to become a constant concern on my 690e.  I have come to embrace the fact I'm gonna misbehave.  Yet I remain vigil in order to not get caught.  That means I constantly sniff out what's in front, and I continuously calculate emergency escape routes across whatever off-road opportunities may exist in the pursuit of my American Dream.  Mum would be proud as I'm sure yours must be as well.

Glad to hear you're getting 'er done brother!  Try to remember to ride that Harley on Mother's Day or sumpin.


690 Discussion / Re: 2015 KTM 690 Enduro Info and Rumors
« on: October 26, 2014, 04:20:21 pm »
Now just hold on a minute Dave.  Don't fly the chicken coop on us just yet.  Especially over what is obviously a child with 690e envy and jealousy issues.  (I strongly suspect a pronounced lack of sexual opportunity)  How much do you want for that seat?  Cut me the right deal and I will feed it pet it and call it George.  Errr.  I will call it the 'QP - Ru Paul Peenee Breath Commemorative Edition' in your honor.  Just one more question.  Can somebody tell me just who the duck is Ru Paul?  I don't seem to remember him/her/other on last year's Christmas card list.

Later - Blow it off Dave and email me with a price on my seat.

Introductions / Re: On my third 690R
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:24:48 am »
"Your mother was a hamster, and your father smells of elderberries."

Dickens you say?  Errrr:

I'm jealous!

Enjoy Oh Mighty Tim.  If I decide not to get the Super Adventure 1290 next spring I may have to rig mine up with luggage like you have done.

Story-Time / Re: Zer Guunter Schlausen Special
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:57:17 am »
Its almost exactly as if you removed first gear and added another gear on the top.  Shifting into sixth gear comfortably with no stuttering occurs at about 55mph and 3500 rpms.  Fifth gear is around 43mph.  I think of it like a five-speed with an overdrive.  Top end is supposed to be around 115mph.  I've had it up to 102 with plenty of throttle left.  The loss of the bottom 'gear' doesn't matter much on the street or well defined trails and open fields.  Still has blistering acceleration.  But dirt performance goes out the window obviously.  The purist dirt guys are going with 14t sprockets.  But since I'm 75% street 25% easy trails, it works out well for me.  Remarkably well I might add.  I'm completely convinced this is the greatest bike of all time, and I've owned a bunch of 'em.

690 Discussion / Re: Awards
« on: October 24, 2014, 07:32:32 pm »
Don't it make my brown eyes bluuuuuuuuue.  Now where were we?  Oh yes, awards awards and more awards.  How about one for Coolest Moderator of the year?  I shudder to think how I would have responded to that last post.  But Rusty stands a giant above the fray of mere hooligans as a beacon of light to remind us who we are and why we love this blog.  You are the Man Rusty!  I formally nominate Rusty for coolest moderator of the year.

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