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Title: Zer Guunter Schlausen Special
Post by: Bartlioni on October 17, 2014, 03:21:12 pm

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken particular delight in setting my 690e up in what I call “German Scout Bike” mode.  Similar to super moto mode, but I have added Heidenau 50/50 tires while I bumped the front sprocket up to 16t.  I was going for just the right amount of offensive in-your-face look with my german helmet, goggles, and Klim riding gear, while I also achieved hum-balla with street performance.  Yet I could not sacrifice the ability to go off-road at a second's notice should I happen to see a deer that needs chasing in a field I happen to pass by.  I have surpassed my wiiiiiildest expectations. 

When I ride the GSS in traffic on the way to work in the morning (65mph speed limit four lane), I watch for worm-holes to open up in the stream of vehicles in front of me (as well as cops of course).    Much like surfing, you have to watch for the wave to form, and then kick it into 4th and put the hammer down.  Then the mighty 690e will engage the warp drive and blow those duck-pluckers away saying: "There's that nartzee storm trooper feller I seen flying by yesterday."  What can I say.  I get off on it and I tend to get to work early. 

“Its me again Margret….heee hee hee hee hee”


Title: Re: Zer Guunter Schlausen Special
Post by: seabeegt on October 25, 2014, 07:29:14 pm
That sounds like a good setup. Can u delve into the RPMs per gearing?  I might get a 16t front if it sounds good. I switched back to big wheeels from the sumo setup cuz u don't get as much rpm band outta each gear. 😛
Title: Re: Zer Guunter Schlausen Special
Post by: Bartlioni on October 26, 2014, 09:57:17 am
Its almost exactly as if you removed first gear and added another gear on the top.  Shifting into sixth gear comfortably with no stuttering occurs at about 55mph and 3500 rpms.  Fifth gear is around 43mph.  I think of it like a five-speed with an overdrive.  Top end is supposed to be around 115mph.  I've had it up to 102 with plenty of throttle left.  The loss of the bottom 'gear' doesn't matter much on the street or well defined trails and open fields.  Still has blistering acceleration.  But dirt performance goes out the window obviously.  The purist dirt guys are going with 14t sprockets.  But since I'm 75% street 25% easy trails, it works out well for me.  Remarkably well I might add.  I'm completely convinced this is the greatest bike of all time, and I've owned a bunch of 'em.