Author Topic: Front Brake Help Needed Please  (Read 69 times)


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Front Brake Help Needed Please
« on: September 21, 2017, 03:53:58 am »
I've got a front brake problem 2014 Enduro model just over 5,000klm

Bike sits for say 7 days when i go use the bike at first seems all good until get down street about 2km ride to doctors & notice front brake dragging , when was riding seemed ok & when i pushed bike out shed was fine .

parked the bike go do what need to do get back to bike go move it front brake almost locked on , so flick the shorty adj lever stuff around with the adjusters etc gets little better , so ride home slowly by time i'm home the front brake fully released WTF

1 to 2 weeks ago was riding bike often never had the brake do this ?

approx 3 months back i had this same problem after bike sat for 4 days

previous to this problem i've fitted a new HEL front brake line all good unblocked & shorty adj leavers then i pressure forced bleed the MC & bleed the brake Caliper , back when had this all fitted approx 3 mths ago about 200klm ago.

think i read there no rebuild kits that i'm aware of for the later 690's ? - also i'm not loosing fluid / weeping so cant see it being MC seals

is there a better MC out there (if it's the MC) others used nissin etc ? suit for off road enduro not motard/road use.

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Re: Front Brake Help Needed Please
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 04:02:08 pm »
Your post is a bit old maybe you already cured the problem.  This does appear to be a strange symptom.  Ordinarily these OEM components work fine for years and years.  If I remember correctly the 2014 has ABS.  I have a 2013 so my response may not apply.  Were this mine I would check to make sure the lever pivot is smooth.  I would also make sure the brake lever is the OEM if you are the second owner.  If you changed it put OEM back on. Next re-bleed to clean out the system- line, master, and caliper of all fluid using lots of synthetic brake fluid.  Leave the level in the master in the center of the sight glass.