Author Topic: 2012 690 R Melted Tank  (Read 312 times)


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2012 690 R Melted Tank
« on: December 13, 2015, 07:17:53 pm »
Just wanted to let you guys know about a potential safety issue. I was doing a lot of single track on my 2012 and when fueling up at the end of the day noticed gasoline leaking onto the header and onto the ground. I was lucky there was not a fire and when I got home tore down the bike down. The tank had melted at the junction of the header and the muffler.  The bike had been dumped on its left side about a year earlier but nothing relating to the muffler/header was bent so that wasn't it. I am sure it was the slow speed with little airflow over the tank that allowed the heat to build up and over time melted the tank. My fix was wrapping the header in heat wrap and placing heat reflective tape on the tank at the header/muffler junction. No problems since then. Y'all might want to check the tank at the junction for any evidence of heat related problems. Have to say KTM was receptive and hooked me up with a new tank.

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