Author Topic: Pristine 2010 KTM 690 Enduro R for sale with extras  (Read 422 times)


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Pristine 2010 KTM 690 Enduro R for sale with extras
« on: May 10, 2016, 07:20:04 am »

You are looking at my 2010 KTM 690 Enduro R with around 4400 miles and $4000 in many carefully researched and executed mods. Bike can be built in any direction, but these are the mods you’ll want to keep:


 -WINGS! Carbon/titanium exhaust (OEM included)
 -EVO1 modified map (via Tune ECU; cable included)
 -EVO 1 intake snorkel with Uni air filter (two Uni filters and quieter OEM snorkel included)
 -CA Cycleworks fuel pump
 -Golan billet Supermini 10 micron fuel filter, externally mounted ahead of injector with stainless fuel injection clamps. Fully field serviceable with easy external access. Disposable OEM in-tank filter omitted.
 -Stainless metric Allenhead hardware on fuel injector
 -Fully demogged (emissions take-offs included) with charcoal canister removed and SAS blocked and bypassed
-Rocker arms were updated to the new part numbers with valves checked and spec’d to the approximate middle of the range (.10 mm all around) as preventative maintenance in preparation for sale less than 100 miles ago. Old rocker arms included as spares.

 -Newer D.I.D Gold V2 X-ring chain
 -Newer 14/45 drive (15T and 16T CS sprocket included)

 -Flatland skid plate
 -KTM Hardparts radiator guard
 -Highway Dirt Bikes Next Gen Hand guards w/ dual folding mirrors. No one will argue that these are the best hand guards in the industry.
 -Zen Overland carbon fiber engine case covers (L and R; installed when cases were pristine to keep them that way)
 -Rally Raid billet CS sprocket guard. Beautiful machine work. The best guard money can buy.
 -Custom rear brake master cylinder guard
-Radiator fan isolator (so fan doesn’t rub into radiator fins; a common problem on 690’s)
 -Tusk Fork Seal boots
-Rally Raid luggage racks with Wolfman aluminum CNC’d top rack. Carry any bag system with comprehensive protection for the rear end of the bike.

-Underground Machine 2” rise Scott’s damper sub-mount (Scott’s damper not included, but it's ready to bolt on yours)
-Knight Designs billet 7/8” lowered foot pegs. With these and the 2” riser, standing is comfortable at 6’+.
-Rally Raid billet rear brake pedal. Another beautifully machined piece from the UK. New OEM lever included as spare, but if you break this brake, you’re in bigger trouble.

-Highway Dirt Bikes water-proof manual fan switch (overrides fan when needed, doesn’t interfere with OEM auto fan switch function)
-Shindengen FH020AA Mosfet Rectifier/Regulator and Easten Beaver stand-alone harness. Replaces the problematic OEM rectifier with a modern type that produces even voltage to the EFI system. You’re happy when the EFI is happy. Custom guard included.
 -Cyclops Adventure Sports 3600 Lumen LED headlight bulb. BRIGHT!
 -Integrated LED Euro tail with OEM connectors(rear brake light and blinkers are integrated into one small, clean LED light. OEM whale tale with blinkers included).
 -Wires that were routed hap-hazardly by the factory were re-routed, re-insulated, zip tied and all connectors were di-electric greased.

 -CJ Designs Billet fuel filler. First mod on this bike. A must-do if you’ve ever fumbled with the stock fuel filler.
 -Prerun Moto 10.9 grade upper and lower tank/sub-frame bolts with hard resin pucks.
-Seat Concepts Seat, orange stitching, gripper top, perfect condition. Original seat included, but you won’t use it with this seat.
 -Clean, clear Colorado title is in my name and ready to be transferred.

 Suspension is stock WP at 275mm of travel (because of the long suspension and the small, lighter computer display, this is my favorite year 690). Steering stem and rear suspension linkage bearings lubed with BelRay waterproof grease fairly recently. Pirelli MT-21 front tire is fairly new that I’d rate at 90% and Dunlop 908RR rear tire is at about 60%, but this girl likes rear tires for breakfast! Bike was serviced using only Motorex fluids (coolant, brake, 4t synthetic oil with KTM filters) and oil was changed often. I am the second owner and just as anal as the original (who also claims to have used only Motorex fluids when he had the bike serviced at my favorite Colorado dealer in Montrose). Comprehensive maintenance log with all of my receipts will be included in the KTM briefcase w/owner’s manual, etc. I have an electronic service manual that can be included with sale if you bring a thumb drive.

 Sale includes all take-offs, 2 Uni foam air filters, and a set of oil filters. Oil was changed yesterday with new oil filters and screens cleaned at 4328 miles after the valve check/rocker arm update using Motorex 10w-60 Cross Power 4t synthetic.

 It’s an overly used statement here on for sale ads, but accurate in this case: Bike is sorted and ready to go anywhere. It was used as intended, but is in nearly perfect condition and impeccably clean and impeccably well maintained. Always stored in a heated shop out of the elements and detailed after every dirt ride. You won’t find a cleaner, more loved dirt bike.

 I’m having a hard time selling, but a new 500 EXC will do it’s damndest to take this one’s place, even though I already miss the 690 on the street. My loss, your gain.

 Asking $8309. No trades will be considered at this time as I am looking to pay off the loan for the new 500. I’m open to fly’ n’ rides, will ride the bike out to you (for fuel and a way to get home) or am willing to ship on your dime as I have a box and pallet ready to go. Thanks for looking!!

All pics can be seen at:
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Bike sold locally. Thanks.


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Congrats on the sale! That looks like a beauty, well done.
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