Author Topic: Attachments No More!  (Read 765 times)


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Re: Attachments No More!
« on: December 28, 2015, 11:31:05 pm »

It works with photobucket, haven't had a problem with linking from there and it's basically setup for this exact thing by having the "Share this Photo" along the right hand side frame of the page with links for email, direct, html, and img.

I'm currently in the Android/GDrive cloud world, so when I take pics they backup to the Google photo service. I'll download the file to my desktop, edit it for cropping and size, then upload it to photobucket to get the link. Easy peasy, about a minute a photo maybe.

Forums in the late 90's started to host files when the forum structure took over from BBS, then it seems most stopped hosting pics over a decade ago, especially free forums, when services like photobucket, filezilla and the like appeared to cut down on bandwidth. This is a non-issue for me, I wouldn't expect someone else to store anything of mine for free even it's a digital pic.

Great forum, btw, and here's a linked pic for a set of new tires... oh, sorry... tyres, that I need to get some more miles before I do the review. Hosted from photobucket as mentioned above...

Since I had already edited and uploaded the pic to PB, all I had to do to post it was click the mouse key to have the IMG url copied and press ctrl+v to paste.
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