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Re: Attachments No More!
« on: October 03, 2014, 05:42:04 pm »
I get the idea, they want us to put in links to content, but not store the content on the site.  It makes you wonder if we are going to use FB, maybe a 690 page should just be started there. :-\

I already have one on FaceBook....    Facebook vs. forums...both have their pluses and minuses.       But no reason to not have/use/enjoy both....

Anyone interested....find me on Facebook...."dave Kubler "  in Kalispell, Montana...
this is the group...  it is 'closed'...which means you need approval to join  (from me)...and NO-ONE can see what you post there (even if you link to it) if they are not members of the group.  So, family/friends/employers..etc...will NOT see your posts.  Unless they also join the group.  (dont tell them about it. )   I will screen member requests to keep only true 690 owners and soon to be owners in, and riff raff out....      Come say hi !  :)