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Re: Just switched over
« on: April 06, 2014, 08:58:44 am »
When I mounted up my wheels I did a spin test front and back and found the front to be more troublesome. I didn't have to cut the fork guards at all, but I did have to secure the brake line/speedo sensor lines to the fork guard itself. The wheel woulda worn through the lines in short order. So all I did was drill two small holes next to each other and warbled the out a bit so a thick zip-tie could fit. Next problem took me a bit longer to figure out and fix. I rolled the front during the initial fitment and heard a very light grinding noise. Didn't figure much of it since a new rotor was being used. Well, I'm sure this was part of the noise, but turns out the new rotor bolts were chewing up the speedo sensor. Crap! Didn't find this out till I tried recalibrating the wheel size and I ended up taking off the front wheel. Turns out the sensor was salvagable and all I had to do was grind the bolt heads down a bit with my dremel. So the fitment didn't bring too much trouble my way, just spin those wheels and listen fer wierd noises.  ;)
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