Author Topic: Did you change your suspension settings?  (Read 912 times)


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Did you change your suspension settings?
« on: October 20, 2015, 06:40:56 pm »
Im a heavy guy (230b)and it seems like the suspension is doing a great job even pretty much un touched from the dealer except for  a click harder.. One thing I'm a novice on is suspension settings as I'm used to having a suspension guy/tech set mine for me on the track based on tire wear.have not had this bike to the track no it's still pretty much unchanged. What did you all do to your suspension for the SMC conversion? I took 1 1/8th inch out of the fork height and it improved turn in drastically along with a steering stop adjustment, And so far for the few hundred miles of canyon twisty road's it's been amazing... Just trying to see what other have done as the suspension is fully adjustable!

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