Author Topic: auto tune issues  (Read 299 times)


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auto tune issues
« on: September 06, 2015, 04:09:16 pm »
Just wanted to share some thoughts concerning the use of the auto-tuner for the pcv.  I have used a couple different auto tuners. the problem with them is if you just turn it on and ride everytime you let off the throttle or coast it is counter productive since you dont need alot of fuel then it is constantly battling its self.  I am currently waiting on some parts for my new air filter setup, once installed I have a switch wired into my pcv, so i can turn the auto tune on and off at will.  I will find a long straight, turn it on and accelerate steadily letting the rpm's run through the area i'm working on . before letting off the throttle at the end i will switch auto tune off, turn around and repeat.  I will only work on 2 to 3 thousand rpm's at once so i can concentrate on that area .  for instance  first 2000 -4000, and so on . just only set the fuel tables to hit the area's your working in. Once you are happy with it, accept the trims and set your afr's for the next rpm's.   After all the main difference between a dyno tune and the auto tune is that the dyno can keep the engine under load constantly. so this method will get you as close as your going to get , without getting it put on a dyno. I hope to eventually put mine on a dyno, but not until i get a high comp piston , port job, cam ect. until then this will do.

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Re: auto tune issues
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2015, 11:44:42 am »
Sounds great, I'd be interested in your findings, good luck!
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