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Dual sporting is brand new to me. I have an elementary question. With a tank bag and saddle bags strapped to the bike what methods do people use to get their leg over the seat? I thought about leaving the kick stand down, but don't want to snap the bolt. I have three things against me as far as mounting up, I'm short (29" inseam), inflexible and old (68). Suggestions appreciated.

Philip Pino:
I'm in the same boat, 30" inseam.  I leave the bike on the side stand and stand on the left peg and swing over.  As long as you are not jumping up and down on the peg, the side stand mount is strong enough.

Rusty Shovel:
Same here, I stand on the left peg and swing over.  You'll want to shorten the stand and weld a larger foot on.

BTW, I weigh 230# and carry at least 15#'s of gear and a 15# pack.  The stand has never had a problem.

I felt really uncomfortable the first 10-15 times I stood on the footpeg and lifted/swing my leg over the Giant Loop bags on the rear.  After say 15-tries, it just feels normal and is no problem.  The kickstand cannot be too long for your adjustments and I feel an extension or enlargement of the kickstand foot to be invaluable.  You can get an attachment to enlarge the kickstand foot for $12 bucks on ebay - crummy china quality so coat everything with anti seize before you put it together or get the $50 version at KTMTwins.

How much weight are you guys putting/allowing in your saddlebags? (Giantloop/MoskoMoto etc)?


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